Bug Report (XBox One)

Motion control (left analog stick) sensitivity is very low and unreliable. Character frequently varies from jogging speed to a slow walk, regardless of how hard the stick is pressed in the desired location. Causes sneaking to be highly difficult. The only reliable method of foot travel is via sprint.
The controller is relatively new (roughly 1 month old since purchase, unused) tested movement with analog stick in 4 other games, and then with the Microsoft Controller Tester application for verification.

Recommendation: consider adding analog sensitivity adjustment option.

I'm also encountering this issue but only when I move the stick up diagonally and to the left(around a 45 degree).

Hello @MacPzesst ,

Could you give us more details about the exact model of your controller, please

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Hi, I have the same problem. When moving with the left analog stick to the upper left side, the character moves very slowly. I have a xbox elite controller with default setting. Now I'm trying to avoid walking to the left and use the camera to navigate my character 🤔😂


I have been having the same issues as described above, also with a first generation Xbox elite controller, pretty much the entire range between the cardinal directions reduces movement from a job to a walk. Running, or just using the right stick circumvent this on the elite controller, however switching to a non elite controller alleviated the issue entirely.

I don't suppose there is a known fix available or patch on the way, is there?


Also on a standard Xbox One X controller on a One X console. The upper left corner movement is capped to walking speed only. It only happens in the upper left about the 315 degree mark (?). It doesn't mitigate until around the 270 degree mark which is cardinal left if my degrees aren't off. I also noted that the deadzone for light movement is capped to the 50% zone, and it could be limited to only the left side, but I did note that it takes a lot of analogue input for slight movements in any direction. This should be 5% tilt for a walk, but it's more like 15% or 20% or greater. I tested the controller on PC to calibrate, and the controller has no issues, and the analogue sticks are perfectly normal with no wander or deadzone. The controller also has the latest firmware update as well.