Anyone having problem with "Finding Queen Bladnid" Quest?

I rescued all 5 the suvivors and found the Queen's Flag. Quest log shows "Finding Queen Bladnid" Quest for Siora and says to talk to her. But whenever I do, she just says "I want to rescume her asap... but you are already busy...." (paraphrased).

Anyone else having this problem? Do I have to keep progressing in the main story for this to start?

Yeah, I have been having a similar problem as well. Have you found the runaround or fix yet by any chance?

Hello there !

Can you open your Journal and check if you have already accepted a companion quest, please ? 🙂


Same problems- yes we’ve checked no other companion quest. Even if we select Siora quest doesn’t work.

@Focus_Farah ,yes I’ve checked . Even when this quest is active or main quest. Doesn’t trigger. Already restated to get around it. Next step delete the game.