Game keeps Crashing After 1.4

I've had now 3 crashes in Sandstorm after 1.4, one of them forced me to restart my entire computer just to get the game running again. Always with the unreal engine crash report as well. Before 1.4 with 500 hours I don't think I ever had a single crash.

And as you can see I'm not the only one with this issue. What happened? This needs to be addressed and fixed ASAP. Game crashed for example last night near the end of a Frenzy match, when I tried to queue up to rejoin the game after the crash, it joined another.. Very frustrating! Can't even play the game at this point with these crashes. And yes verified files on steam and updated drivers. This is a post 1.4 very serious issue. Can anyone help? Are Devs aware of this?

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yep, same issue. 3 times crashed to dekstop today. Before - dont even remember

Hello @Bronbin and @Lion-Jonson,

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this. Can you upload your DxDaig files here, please?

@chaton Am still testing it but the recent hotfix which addressed some crashes seems to have fixed the issue from what I've seen so far.

I did actually have 1 crash tonight since 1.4 hotfix.. I will try to add the DX it was right at the start of the second round of Frontline so I wanted to rejoin the game quickly after.

I played for awhile and experienced 2 crashes in quite a short time. This was 1-2 hours ago or so.

Event viewer reported the following: "Windows successfully diagnosed a low virtual memory condition. The following programs consumed the most virtual memory: InsurgencyClient-Win64-Shipping.exe (4768) consumed 12963954688 bytes"

So, yes. Insurgency was "consuming" almost 13 GB of RAM. That's insane.

My specs:

Windows 10 x64
GTX 1080 Ti
16 GB RAM (and 4 GB Pagefile)
Samsung 850 Pro

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Same thing here. Since the new update i've had two crashes (and i didn't even play that much) which i never experienced until now. So far i can't tell the circumstances, will keep watching.


Hey all,

Thanks! @Feuerholz when the game crashed, did you receive any error messages?


I'm not sure if I have the same crash as others have. I'm not getting any UE4 window. Do you think I got a different crash? I bought the game like 1-2 days ago so I never played prior to patch 1.4. I have no idea if I would have issues on the patch prior to 1.4.

I post my DxDiag anyway. No idea if it's any help.


Just got a crash that did have a UE4Minidump.dmp file. Don't think it's related to the game though. Latest NVIDIA driver does seem to have issues.

LAST EDIT: Seems reverting back to the NVIDIA GeForce 436.15 WHQL driver fixed my crashing issue :).

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Yeah i seem to always get one of those UE engine crashes with a minidump.
It just happened again. Queued for a Frenzy game and switched over to the server browser while the matchmaking was searching for a game. I played a couple of other games without issues, but didn't click anything in the menue after queueing. Maybe there's a bug right there?

Thanks for the details @Feuerholz!

Can you try to revert your NVIDIA driver back to 436.15 WHQL as @Lifell did to see if you still experience the issue?

Were you running other programs when playing the game?

I'm using an RX580 (with semi-latest drivers), so no NVidia drivers here 😉

It's really hard to test possible solutions as long as i don't know what's causing it. So far i've tried to force the issue, but no luck.

@Feuerholz Can you upload your Crash dmp here, please?

Here's my most recent crash after about 5-6 games of Skirmish. Unfortunately the crashes have not all gone away.. it crashed right after the half time at the beginning of the second round on Sinjar.


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I am also experiencing a crash since 1.4, it is always at the beginning of the 2nd round of skirmish for example. It just crashes to desktop and gives me the error report.

@Nickoglas Same here, it's a pretty consistent crash now always at halftime about 5-6 games in.