Greetings! First of all even with the given feedback, Im still able to enjoy the game and the journey so far.

Parry and counter attack: At the current state its very OP, you spam click right mouse button and you are able to do counter attack left and right while being immune to everything. Managed to finish the Arena event really early thanks to that.
Suggestion: To avoid exploit, add a punishment for pushing the button too early, if you push too early, you get damaged and same for of course going too late.
Add a block button but block mitigate damage instead of nullifying completely the damage. At the end, given this massive change on parry/counter attack maybe increase the reward of achieving the counter attack an invul frame and a fancier attack animation against the enemy.

Visual Combat feedback: The game has this dark theme, disease and the desperation of a civilization trying by all means to expand and find the means to put an end in this. So I was expecting a bit more gory or bloodier combat. I understand that the budget and labor to add dismemberment is something complicated, but at least have blood decals and blood pools when you kill your enemies would be a good enough visual feedback to know that you are done with the enemy.

Best regards!