Bug suffering of constantin ps4

In this mission I to find and destroy all the tenlan nests and find the missing villagers did both bot I can’t complete the tenlan quest because the quest marker brings me to the female family member with the missing family member so now I’m stuck in the damn main story

Nevermind I just had to run through the entire map and find an extra nest which by the way had no indicator so I had to find it manually

I have the same problem, so you destroyed 4 nests? Where did find the other nest?

Yea I can't find the 3rd one either. I have 2/3 - PC.

Am I understanding this right? Are there actually 4 nests to be destroyed, not three? Because I've destroyed 3 but like the OP, the last quest marker takes me to a family member who just tells me her sister may return home... When I step back from her, the quest marker is still there.

If it's actually 4 nests, can anyone tell me the location of the fourth one?

And to the poster who only has 2/3, did you find the third one? I can link you to a map if you haven't.