Played at midnight on launch day for 5 hours without any issues at 1440p Medium settings which was barely pushing my system. Today I loaded into Serene and I'm getting an insane amount of stuttering making the game unplayable. I changed to every single resolution and setting and the issue persisted without change. Anyone have the same issue and found a fix? I tried every piece of troubleshooting I could find over the net to no avail.

I forgot to add my specs in the original post. I have a I7 7820x, 16GB of RAM, and a 1070 TI

bump. There seems to be a big issue with stuttering. The steam forums has multiple threads talking about this.


Anyone found a clean fix? Are devs aware of this issue and working on it, because if not, could you work with steam to make it easier to obtain refunds.

Hello @MacabreLion
Thanks for notifying us of this issue. I will send all of those links to our dev team so they can have a look at it.
Would you happen to have footage showing the phenomenon? It would helps us a lot. Does it just stutter or does it totally shut down as well?

I've personally never gotten a total shutdown, but there are people in some of the comments of the forum threads or in their steam reviews claiming that as their issue if I recall correctly.

I purchased a RTX 2080 Ti which should be arriving shortly, if the problem persists after my upgrade I will find a way to provide video of my issue.

I was able to initially correct the issue temporarily by putting my vsync settings to "fast" in my nvidia control panel with my 1070 Ti at the suggestion of one of the comments in the thread, but that only fixed the issue for a few hours before the problem came back, and no changes to config would stop the stutter.

If I recall correctly the issue did not begin until after I talked to the main characters cousin, the governor of Serene (I'm sorry his name is evading me at the moment) - shortly after arriving in Serene to continue the story. I had Siora (just obtained from the prior interaction / cutscene) and Kurt in my party.

After I was able to temporarily fix the issue, the issue did not reappear until I completed a quest line where you help one of the natives of the island set up shop and save his cousin in the arena. He has you travel to a new zone East of Serene and talk to his chief. After the conversation / cutscene with the chief, the game began stuttering again, and there was nothing that would fix it.

If I were to load my files right now, It would simply be stuttering. My first thought was that I had defective hardware, but after testing all of my other games and having no issue, I'm not keen to believe that.

Upgraded to a 2080 Ti, and still stuttering upon loading my last save file. The only thing left to do is to try reinstalling the program, and deleting my save files.

Problem continued to persist on a fresh install on a differen't SSD.

Stutter was reduced by using task manager to allocate affinity and limiting Greedfall to 8 of the 16 threads I have available. Now the game is a bit "wobbly" as opposed to random momentary freezing every few seconds.