Game breaking bug

I don’t know how to report or fix this bug. But at this time it has stopped me from playing a great game that only has minimal problems at launch. Now days that is great accomplishment, but I digress...

I am playing on an XBox 1 S. Trying not to spoil any thing after I fought in the ring for the first time. Attempting to help some one in need, my companions will no longer follow me at all. When I go somewhere and talk to someone or go through a door they are magically there but will not move again. Therefore if I go back to the fighting ring or into the wild or even get in a fight in the street. I am all alone with no help going against multiple adversaries solo. When at the fighting ring they stand at the top with the NPC and occasionally might shoot a shot to help. This has me stuck and not willing to explore.

Am I the only person who has experienced this bug? Can I fix it in order to continue with a great game? Please help and thank you.

Perhaps try gathering them at the campfire. There has been a few times my companions have acted... odd. This fixed it. Good luck!

I will try that and some one also mentioned trying to fast travel.

Thanks for the advice.