ADVENTURE GEAR DLC's announcement wasnt so clear that it would only be on Steam. I bought in advance and didnt receive.

Please get in touch with Nuuvem and help us. We bought in advance and would love to have access to the items ... this game is amazing and did not want to be out of it.

I'm in this situation to. Can you help us?

Hey guys!
Unfortunately, Nuuvem is not one of the official stores with access to the DLC Adventurer's pack.
During Pre-order, the list of stores selling the DLC was available on our official shop page:
In this situation there's hardly something we can do but if you want, I can notify our team that you'd like the DLC to be made available for purchase 24/7.

Well... I would like that, It was a honest mistake, and in This way, nobody lise, i guess.

Thank you for the help @Raibi