Stealth, companions and subtitles

Hello, I really like Greedfall, but I think some things can be improved
The combat system is risky, and the stealth is really to be reviewed. A stealthy shot is supposed, by logic, not to make noise, while I just tried to kill furtively, which alerted enemies, even those who did not look.
Moreover, it would be good to be able to give orders to the companions so that they can take cover, wait us or kill the enemies when we ask them (like Rodrick in A Plague Tale).

And the subtitles are really litlle, it could be nice if we could enlarge them

A better optimization of the game would not be a refusal, I am forced to run it in low graphics, with a NVIDIA GTX 960M

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Thank you @Arclight!
Regarding control over the companions, I can't assure anything yet as this would change a great part of the combat approach. I get you though: controlling Rodrick was sick. I really appreciate the love and support of our games, thank you so much!
I will send your post to the team if it's okay with you! I hope you are enjoying your journey on Teer Fradee as much as your last trip to 1348 France 😉 ! Have a great day!