Keybindings PC

Keybinding has been extremely challenging. I'm unable to bind right click to anything. Dodge under the options menu does not reflect in the game and is nearly impossible to reassign dodge to any key.

I had the problem with dodge as well. It seems to be “sprint” in the keybinds. Rebinding that worked for me 🙂

Also why we can't change walk button which is default ''Z''? I want to change it to NumPad 0.

Hello everyone,
We are now aware of this issue, thank you for reporting it!
Do you guys happen to all have the same difficulties with binding right click to any action?
@cipher_nine Did you just rebind dodge to any key and it worked out well from there?

I rebound “sprint” so that when I hit it my character dodges. “Dodge” I completely bound to a different key. It works great now 🙂

I have also found I can't bind number keys to any abilities (other than default)...if I accidentally unbind a number key, I cannot rebind it back.

I tried binding sprint to another key, however it did not update dodge to the the new key. Assigning left shift to anything other than the default setting resulted in dodge completely unassigned. []

While in the options section right clicking always took me back to the previous screen with out saving.

I hope they allow mapping side buttons on mouse as well.

After changing sprint under options, dodge will only show the binding when in combat. All good.

I was informed of a work around for right click. While holding right click on the activity hit the enter key to be prompted to save the bindings.

At first confused, but now I'm good to go 🙂