A Name For A Family bug

Not sure if it is a bug or something but I've been standing at the mission spot in the port for a while waiting for something to happen. I even explored the Harbor Masters Office and still could not find anything. So I asked a friend that has already played more than me and he said try going downstairs in the inn and talking to the brothel owner and still nothing. If someone could help me find out what is wrong that would be great.

Hello MrGunnell ! 🙂

Thank you for reporting this issue. Can I ask you at what moment of the quest this is occurring ? What is the name of the maker you have to follow in order to complete this quest ?

Sorry for inconvenience !

The name for the marker is Scout the Harbor Mater's Office

I have this issue too on PC, it seems like the cut seen does not trigger. This also means that I cannot progress with other companion quests as well as it locks Vasco to the team.

Hello MrGunnell !

Could you detail the steps to reproduce the issue? Where were you when you picked up the quest (New-Serene, another city, merchant camp or the house of the protagonist) ?
Did you teleport to New-Serene just after unlocking the quest ?

Thanks !

I stumbled on that bug as well. I remember that i decided not to accept the quest when i first got it (talked to Vasco right outside the palace after talking to the cousin), because i was worried that it would teleport me directly to the quest location. I still got the quest but the task was to accept the quest from Vasco. After a couple other quest with the native companion, i switched over to Vasco. I'm not quite sure if i remember this correctly, but when i initiated the dialog with vasco i was immediatley in the quest dialog without selecting it from the dialog menue. I remember that it was strange how the quest got started again, but didn't think about it until i encountered this bug.

I did the companion quest with siora before this (including the bridge alliance thing where you need to recover a certain "object". Don't want to spoil anybody). I think i switched over to vasco on a camp site, but i'm not entirely sure. I teleported from the wilderniss to the merchant camp just outside the city and then walked into the city.

I hope some of this helps you to reproduce the bug.

I'm having the same issue. I've been standing in place for 45 minutes. I've ran around d the port to see if it's a timing thing. Nothing. Tried speaking to Vasco. Nothing. I've walked around the office and nothing happens. I was going to get it knocked out, but I can't even get past the scouting part. It's a whole bummer.

What Balu said sounds really close to the same thing that happened to me. I cannot remember exactly where or after what quest I accepted Vascos from but I do know i did it after the natives and after doing some stuff in the Alliance city. And yes i did teleport straight to New Serene after accepting the quest. Also found out that by progressing later into the story one of the missions will remove your companions (or add them all cant really remember) and you can unlock other companion quests and progress with them and not have Vasco stuck but you have to progress a decent way into the campaign and im sure its the "Prince's Secret" quest when this happens.

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Exact same thing happened to me didn’t accept the quest then when i did I said to meet him at the port or something along those lines and when I do nothing triggers and he is now stuck in my party.

I have another bug in this same quest: I follow all the steps to put the guards to sleep, I walk in without alerting anyone, but when I walk out and meet with Vasco again he reacts as if I had killed some of them and I lose a reputation point with him. I did kill a guard far earlier when I was exploring the place for another quest, but I think he wasn't with me at the time (I honestly don't remember).

I'm having the same issue on ps4 completely stuck and can't drop the quest my game progress has come to a complete stop 6 hours in I have to start the game over

Hello there,

Thanks to all of you for your feedbacks ! We are currently investigating the issue.

Can you send your save file to support@focus-home.com with the description of your issue, please ?
You should find it here C:\Users\xxxxx\Documents\GreedFall using your File Explorer. We recommend making a manual save (with this type of name: save_xx-xx-2019_09-53-26.fsav) and sending it instead of sending an autosave file.

It should help us a lot.

Regards !

Same problem here I did not do it at once when Vasco asked, cause I was busy helping the Natives. I fast traveled to the Port, spoke to Vasco accepted the mission, and just stuck with a marker 14 meters from the harbour office telling me to scout the office.. So my progress as well has come to a sad holt 😞

@Balu Did u ever get it done or ar u also still stuck with this quest not loading past scout the harbour?

Update, I reloaded the game in Admin mode (do not know if that helped) Loaded a old save I had thankfully, for games like this keep old saves and save often.
I loaded into the Sierra quest where I went back to camp to talk to her sister, then talked to Vasco told him I would help started the family first mission and teleported right away, in the travel section I switched out Sierra for Kurt, then traveled straight to the harbour and behold the cutscene fired and Vasco told me to get sleeping pills etc and I managed to do the quest!
Thx to all who responded and tried to help! And hopefully this will help some others who are struggling with same bug.

@Focus_Farah do we have an update on this bug I don't want to continue my progress and miss out on the other companion quests.

@leninisgod I'm still stuck and just sent in the save game. I don't want to continue with the bug, because i'm worried that it might screw up other quests. I will wait for a patch.