Anyone else having Amazon shipping issues?

I preordered the game on Amazon US about a month ago and just went to check my shipping status and it shows the game isn't shipping until September 30? Trying to chat on Amazon's help site but they're not being very helpful. Concerned I am going to miss out on the pre-order bonuses!

Is anyone else having this issue?

That doesn't sound normal... I also pre-ordered a month ago.... My physical is supposed to be delivered today and they sent me the preorder bonus code in an email yesterday. I'm in the US and play on a PS4 if that makes any difference. I'm sorry it's not going smoothly for your order and hope they can figure it out.

Thanks, same circumstances here for me. Pre-ordered a month ago in the US for PS4 but I am being given a delivery date of September 30 and didn't receive the pre-order bonus code didn't arrive.

Definitely a disappointment!

Hello @nigeldazooman
Sorry for the inconvenience. Did you try to get in touch with Amazon US support?

Yeah, I did talk to Amazon support and they were only marginally helpful. I did end up receiving the game yesterday but never saw a code for the pre-order bonus. Better late than never I guess!