Disappointing (gay)romance options

I wish the developers released the romance options before launch so I knew what I was in for. And not be disappointed, instead of hoping to be pleasantly surprised when we all had our (correct) suspicions on the predictable choices

The excuse “we are still developing romance options” is something I don’t believe because in the span of a few weeks, months or days, you aren’t going to suddenly change romance options if the story is that deep. Keeping it hidden is just gay bait

Kurt gave me the “you aren’t my type” line the same one Cullen gives you in Dragon age Inquisition. Just like Liam in mass effect. This is so boring and disappointing
The parallels of Kurt to Cullen and Vasco to Fenris are disheartening and kinda makes me not even want to play this game anymore

(I’m going to keep playing just to see what else there is but the lack of gay representation makes any glaring faults something I won’t overlook)

Romance options were known for months.

I mean i get it i do but have you seen the absolute stink people make about gay romance options? Saying that its SJW stuff being shoved down their throat. I'm just glad they include any gay romance options at all. Its not like i saw it in games when i was young, hell i rarely could ever play a female and usually if i could they were dressed skimpy. While the attitude of im just glad for what i get isnt ideal because its flipping 2019 people get over it , thats just the way it is. I say props to the devs for including it, from a gay lady i really appreciate the opportunity to role play a story with romance options that align with real life preferences

Maybe all video game companies should look at Bethesda regarding romance options in games? They have no gender restrictions.

I can sympathize OP, but don't think this is entirely fair. No one was "keeping it hidden" as gay bait. When asked, Rousseau revealed that Kurt was not a gay option on Twitter in July. The gameplay overview trailer that came out in the beginning of August revealed Vasco and Siora as bi romance options. To my knowledge, Bioware hasn't featured a non-straight romance in their trailers. So Spiders has my kudos for that.

Personally, I really enjoyed Siora's romance with Lady De Sardet and especially appreciated how integral she was to the main story. I'm grateful for what Spiders was able to do considering they are a much smaller team than the likes of Bioware.

Not every male character in an RPG needs to want to sleep with your male protagonist. If they devs want to make a fully fledged character who happens to be gay and is a romance option for male protagonists, power to them.

But we don't need to go through that immersion breaking crap in every RPG game because "mah representation." If you want to sleep with Kurt, write slash fan fiction. "I wanna be able to romance anyone I want because I want to - everyone's orientation should be whatever I want it to be"... what entitled crap.