Who Will You Romance?

If you plan to pursue romance in the game, have you already planned it out? Or will you wait and see during your first playthrough?

I had thought I would romance Kurt, but at the moment (only going by trailers and official gameplay), Vasco is looking way more intriguing. And possibly Siora. Now I have no idea, and will wait and see what happens, and who interests me the most...

Most likely Siora in my first playthrough Kurt in my second

Maybe Vasco, since he's my only option. But I will decide it later when I learn more about him in the game next week.

Vasco definitely. I like secretive guys. For next playthrough probably Siora (I am sure she will be the most popular romance option as she has been promoted A LOT). I hope romances are similar to Technomancer or even better. I like them more than in Bound by Flame.

It will be Vasco. Siora or Kurt on 2nd playthrough

Siora Siora Siora. I always love a no shit taking badass.

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Vasco, he's so secretive, and hard to get, I love it.

No one. I'm perfectly happy alone.