Please disallow spawn-killing on 0 wave

Here's a video of me doing it to show how toxic this is:

Now, I'm not going to say I haven't partaken in this, but every high-level player I can think of has too. Also, I'm aware this was a thing in I2, but still... Here's the strat:

When they have 1 wave left, run to their spawn point. When the next wave respawns, the restricted area limitation is lifted, and you can bomb them, shoot them, etc.

My suggestion to fix:

Keep the restricted area for 30 seconds longer after the last wave spawns. Easy fix.

It's funny, but detrimental to the game.

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+1 I sent feedback about this too earlier.

Currently the last wave basically cant make any plays because they are flanked immeniatedly.

So in push for example, you actually start with 4 waves because when you get to the last one its game over.

Im not sure if the restricted area should even get lifted, maybe on the last minute.

this happens all the time indeed, with IED/RPG/MG camping at spawn waiting for last wave.
Ways to prevent this from happening are:

-remove the restricted area only 1min after last respawn wave

-make the restricted area kill you instead of just preventing you from using your weapon (players wont be able to go in restricted area anymore). I think this would be a better option as this would also solve the issue of people camping the cache to destroy it right after last point is capped on push, or start capping a point right after one is capped.