September 5th CTE Patch

Today we’re patching our Community Test Environment (CTE) to test the content in the upcoming version 1.4 game update. You can try out update 1.4’s new snow map, new game mode, new weapons, new cosmetics, and a brand new playlist system right now on the CTE by going to your Steam Library and downloading “Insurgency: Sandstorm Community Test Environment”.

Please be aware that this is a developer test build of the game and you may encounter unexpected bugs or issues. Content shown in the CTE is not final and may or may not be implemented into the public version. There are no restrictions on recording, streaming, or discussing the CTE, however, it’s important to disclose that any footage or feedback is in relation to the test. The CTE will close at the end of the testing phase. Please see our blog or social media for details. Information on the CTE can be found here. We welcome your feedback on the CTE, so please direct any bug reports or general opinions to the CTE sub-forum here.

Critical Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Gravity Scale had been reset to 1.0 instead of the intended 1.2, this was the cause of floaty jumping.
  • Potentially fixed an issue that could cause endless looping weapon audio, caused by an event that could trigger the looping fire event after a weapon had become un-equipped, such as firing on death. If you experience this in the CTE after this patch, please report it to us HERE.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Frontline
    • Reduced round timer from 30 minutes to 20 minutes. As before, if the timer runs out, the team that owns the most objectives wins the round.
    • If there is one player on each team as the last one standing, zero reinforcement waves, and both objectives are contested, there is a forced respawn of both teams. This is to prevent an objective lockout situation in 1 v 1s where neither player has reason to leave an objective they’re capturing or else they will lose.
  • Weapons
    • Increased SVD Extended Magazine round count from 15 to 20 rounds at 2 supply points.
    • Set supply cost of the Compensators for Competitive Security Sharpshooter class to 4.
    • Set supply cost of Flash Hiders for Competitive Insurgent Assaulter class to 2.
    • Set supply cost of 4x SU230 for Competitive Insurgent Flanker class to 3.
    • Set supply cost of the Uzi Flash Hider upgrade to 1.
  • Friendly fire reflection is now disabled in Local Play.
  • Drum magazine upgrades will now properly show that they affect horizontal recoil in the Loadout menu UI.

Visual Improvements

  • Third person Hardcore Checkpoint sprint animations now have a unique animation for each weapon category.
  • Added support for replay events on the timeline, allowing the player to see colored event markers for the following:
    • Round Reset
    • Objective Capture
    • Objective Destroyed
  • Removed the following color variations from the Security soft shell jacket cosmetics for better visual recognition between the two factions:
    • Shell - Ranger Green
    • Shell - Dark Brown
    • Shell - Ranger Green
    • Shell Camo - Ranger Green
    • Shell Camo - Dark Brown
    • Shell Camo Rolled - Ranger Green
    • Shell Camo Rolled - Dark Brown
    • Shell Rolled - Ranger Green
    • Shell Rolled - Dark Brown
  • When throwing an explosive or grenade in third person, the grenade will now be hidden from the hand when the throw animation completes.
  • Updated the seat positions for Checkpoint insertion trucks.
  • Update localization for all supported languages for new UI and menu elements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where vehicle mines could be attached to players even though it’s hilarious.
  • Fixed an issue where the player class icon was shown as a white box on the scoreboard if a player had not yet selected a class.
  • Fixed an issue where third person gear LODs (level of detail) were not generated correctly resulting in textures on gear changing at various distances.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to toggle the Foregrip Bipod during the deploy sequence, leading to odd visual results.
  • Fixed a bug where spectating a player who had recently been in a vehicle would alter your own soundscape on spawn.
  • Fixed an issue with the Customize screen where the new animations would play when customizing, sometimes hiding whatever option you were trying to customize.
  • Fixed an issue where certain small visual elements of gear were still visible on players during the insertion truck sequence.
  • Added missing LODs for the cold breath particle effect.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons such as the M82A1 CQ, VHS-2, QBZ-03 and M99 would not be accounted for in all cases on the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where the scoped kills or magnified optics Profile stat was not being updated correctly.
  • Fixed a bug with entering a vehicle with the hand being offset from the steering wheel.
  • Fixed an issue with Lesson popup not showing the aim down sights key.
  • Fixed an issue with Lesson popup not showing the crouch key.

Map Fixes

  • Hillside
    • Fixed an issue where supply crates were not activating or deactivating correctly on Frontline.
    • Moved the B objective spawn point a little further back from the hill on Frontline.
    • Moved the D objective spawn point a little further back for the Insurgent team on Frontline.
    • Moved the supply crate closer to the new D objective Insurgent spawn on Frontline.
  • Precinct
    • Fixed a line of sight spawn camping position into the Security spawn on Frontline.
    • Moved the following spawn points slightly further back on Frontline:
      • Insurgent objective E spawn point
      • Security objective B spawn point.
      • Insurgent objective F spawn point.
  • Summit
    • Adjusted the C objective for Skirmish to be larger.
    • Set vehicle spawns to only spawn when final weapon cache objective is active on Frontline.
  • Ministry
    • Added a new soundscape volume and data set for the destroyed corridor on the upper floor.
  • Crossing
    • Fixed a rogue restricted area being placed below the C objective for Insurgents
    • Fixed a line of sight spawn camping position into the Insurgent spawn on Frontline.
    • Moved the C objective defender spawn a little further back to make it possible for the Security team to flank the cave objective on Frontline.
    • Moved the E objective Insurgent spawn slightly back to balance run-up time with the C objective Security spawn.
  • Refinery
    • Reverted vehicle spawns to only spawn when final weapon cache objective is active on Frontline.
  • Farmhouse
    • Fixed an issue with the playable area restricting players after B Push Security was captured.

Known Issues

  • [Visual] Combat Goggles Security Eyewear cosmetic glass may be visible through smoke on certain settings.
  • [Connection] Some players have reported issues with server connection or pings showing as '0'. If you experience this or have information on this issue please post here.
  • [Audio] If the same level is loaded twice in a row online, the default soundscape stops working.
  • [Visual] [AI] The insertion truck driver can sometimes T-Pose.
  • [Party System] Should a Party Host leave an on-going matchmaking game, the party members are not able to perform a seamless transition to the next server.
  • [Appearance] In very rare cases, after a level switch or team swap, some characters may render incorrectly and be displayed as the wrong team.
  • [Bots] There is a small percentage chance for a bot to spawn with a missing torso cosmetic.
  • [Audio] Sliding sounds may sometimes not play. This was fixed for footsteps as written above, but still remains for sliding.

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