menu at 96% gpu load

how is this even possible?

also, a strange thing happening lately (started after the last patch, I think) is that the gpu load temporarily falling from 96% to idle causes a system freeze of one or two seconds. what´s wrong there? any ideas?

At least the game is utilizing all of your gpu...

Same problem. GPU usage in the menus is a lot higher than when in game.

If there's a fire burning in the menu background image, my framerate tanks to around 12 frames per sec.

It's only a menu ! It shouldn't hammer our poor old GPUs as much as it does!

Hello @bahzooga and @Congas,

Can you upload your DxDiag here, please?

To address the Main Menu GPU usage:

  • If the behavior changed at any point, it's likely because the video settings changed. Be it by you or us resetting them to default after an update.
  • High GPU usage means that your settings are maxing our your current graphics card, so tone down your video settings, namely Shadow Quality (Low= CSM disabled, therefore maximum performance gain).
  • In case your framerate is OK while in a match, leave the settings as is, the Main Menu is using more fancy lighting so it will be highly GPU dependant while the game (while in a match) is being more CPU dependant.

As for the freeze, the GPU usage drop is either because something else freezes (thus your GPU is not being fed anything) or because it throttles (i.e. high thermals). So be sure to check stability of your system.