A glitch on chapter X blocks my story progress. [slight spoiler]

A Plague Tale  Innocence Screenshot 2019.09.05 -

Hello Everyone, I just got a glitch from the game, I ask for help because this glitch completely stopped me from progressing further in the story.
At the end part of chapter X (I guess) Amicia and Rodric were on their way flee from university, while en route they were trying to run into that burning church, but Rodric stuck in the water and cannot move out from it, after I checked playthrough videos on the internet I realized that I needed him to break the wood block together with Amicia inside that burning church to continue, and since he's glitched my game progress stucked here.

If anyone has a lead of what to do here I deeply appreciate it, thanks!

Yeah getting the same issue here too. How to fix it?


usps tracking

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