tk-issue resolved?

my thoughts on how to „educate“ players not to shoot friendlies, hence solve the tk-issue and improve overall teamplay:

  • no kicking at all, save after vote,
  • instead, you take off supply points; 1 for every hit and another 5 for every kill
  • if the player has no more supply points left, his points will be counted off of his score; 10 for every hit, another 100 for every kill
  • the score will be counted towards his statistics; the possibly negative just as well

what do you guys think?

@bahzooga Too prone to punishing people who are firing downrange and having somebody run across that suddenly. Now you've got less supply points, because someone wasn't aware of their surroundings. I'll take reflective team damage any day over that.

Starting to reduce points after a certain threshold, I don't mind. Maybe sort of like reflective team damage.

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I think that if you TK beyond a certain threshold/frequency, the game should flag you as a "Persona Non Grata".

Then, as a PNG....

  • your guns will only fire blanks rounds (or fire confetti/nerf pellets)
  • your explosives do no damage
  • you can only run at half speed
  • your camouflage will turn bright flourescent orange so you can be seen a mile away. Possibly with a big pointy hat.
  • players on BOTH teams can shoot you for extra bonus points
  • servers can elect not to allow PNGs to join
  • PNG status expires after 1 week lapses

That should sort it.

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@Congas I like that; however, I would prefer it as a second stage following something else 🙂

@Olanov currently I have the problem that I get killed by "friendlies" more often than by hostiles, and if not already killed, then they will wear me down to near-death 😞
of course, there are details that need to be defined still; like the threshold you mentioned, should be configurable on community servers; the cool-down as well, so that on custom servers you might be punished for more than just one round ...; then again towards accidentally firing someone crossing your line, the threshold combined with a short cool-down for non-lethal hits (accidental) should sort that problem