I'm new and have a stupid question

This may have already been ask but is this game ever coming ot for Xbox? I have been patiently waiting for any updates or something but nothing. Did I miss something or have their been no updates?

Hey Watts,

Welcome, and not a stupid question at all. We are currently working on the console version and plan to get it out as soon as possible. That said, we do not have a set release date. You can check out this July discussion about the state of console release by the devs in this livestream clip: https://twitter.com/InsurgencyGame/status/1145810251599343616



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Fyi @watts22 ..... In today's livestream (9/12/19) Mikee mentioned that they have shifted priority to console, optimization and reporting features(?). Their focus will be on these 3 things for now.

Still no confirmed release date but this is good news IMO as there are a lot of people on console who have been waiting a long time for Sandstorm to release. We are all eager to play as we really haven't had a proper milsim-ish, tactical shooter on PS4 in a long time.

I know Sandstorm seeks to fill the gap between titles like Squad and Battlefield but still, this is about as close as we will get to a decent title with milsim-like attributes.

I just hope they include hardcore mode for us. I really like the changes to the gameplay that the mode brings.

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