I enjoy Insurgency: Sandstorm now that it has been rid of most of the launch-day bugs. But still I wonder why is competitive the only mode featuring 5vs5 gameplay?
The maps are ideal for 5vs5 and with only 2000 (usually half that) players playing, finding a competitive match can take even 15 minutes. Not joking. Now add to that the fact that when you find a game it is most likely insanely outbalanced. Im talking ranks 15 versus ranks 300, or Silver IV's versus Gold I's or worse.

Why is there so many different game modes to begin with? What's the point of splitting the game into so many modes, and for the love of god why is casual firefight twelve(12) vs. twelve(12) players in these small maps. Would it be possible that half the game modes are 5vs5 tactical game modes and the rest could be that 12vs12 mayhem?