GreedFall: Can we expect mods?

I am a big fan of Skyrim because we can add a lot to enjoy the game even more. This game looks like the perfect mix between Skyrim and the Witcher. With mods this game can be the "must have" of autumn!

Maybe on the PC, but certainly nothing approved by Spiders. It'll be up to fans to come up with something.

From everything I have read about previous games they've released on the PC, none have been open to modding. Like you, I am a sucker for some good mods (I wouldn't play my Sims games without them honestly) Who knows? But right now I'm simply happy knowing that Vasco will be a romance option for my f!protagonist. That's pretty much the only thing I'm wanting at this very second.

Plese big fonts subtittles for Greedfall. They are very small.
It is a simple option that improves the experience