Scope Sway (from a competitive perspective)

Two short stories, but yours truly.

"It is Push Security, Crossing. You have just capped Charlie, but you got killed. Awaiting the respawn, you are greeted with a 250+ meter distance to the Wespon cache. Do you sprint full speed? Or do you walk? Well most will sprint, but there is a deadly consequence for this. Almost 40% increased scope sway. An un controllable abomination."

Scope sway is to high in this game. Period. It may be somewhat "realistic," but no one likes it and no one wants it. It needs to be lowered or completely reworked.

Yah. Put on 80 pounds of armor and ammo, sprint 250 meters, and then try to hold a rifle steady.

It sucks. It really sucks when your arms refuse to do what you tell them to, when trying to counter scope sway in one direction ends up creating motion in a new an seemingly random direction. Completely random scope movement is actually surprisingly realistic.

Deal with it the same way modern infantry do: don't try to take long precise shots while standing with a rifle. Making long range precision shots is not the job of the infantryman, if you're fighting scope sway you're doing it wrong. Your job is to maneuver.