(resolved) Dedi-Server request: Adding "-logfile={path}" option

@Chaton - would you forward this to Matt S. in Calgary? I'll post this on Steam forums also. Thanks!

Topic: Dedi-Server request: Adding "-logfile={path}" option

On upcoming 1.4 you are adding for us "-LogCmds" -- thank you for this, and we're looking forward to using it! Many server-side tools, including mine, use logfile "tailing" technique to extract game information real-time.

Apparently many server operators run multiple instances of ISS dedicated servers from the same install folder (of the same machine). This creates multiple log files (Insurgency.log, Insurgency_1.log:, Insurgency_2.log, etc.) and there is no easily deterministic way of mapping specific server instance with the log file. The "workaround" algorithm to do so will not be pretty, and not 100% reliable. Currently our server restarts are initiated by OS reboot, timer, as well as through admin web control.

Any way you can add for us, a server launcher command line option "-logfile={path}"?

Perhaps one already exists, and is not in documentation. This feature will be greatly helpful.

There are several of us writing dedicated server-side tools to enhance game manageability, player experience, and/or reliability. Many are now being shared among the dedicated server operators.

Thank you, and keep up the great work!

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I just checked the UE4 docs... at this time, instead of "-log" use "-log=filename.ext" seems to work! Doing more experimental runs to make sure it is not hiding any problems in detail, but looking good so far.

Would appreciate a doc update if this is officially supported by NWI though.

I'll test this for few days and will mark topic as "[resolved]" if everything works as hoped!

Hey @JS-Schroeder,

Sure, will send it to him!

Thanks @chaton this issue is closed. Matt replied back on the Steam forums last wee, I apologies for the duplicate posting. I will use the -log=foobar.log for shared-folder multiserver hosting.