2 suggestions

Hello @insurgency and @chaton, I have 2 suggestions that I believe you will find interesting. The first suggestion I have is that the player should be able to make multiple appearances and bind them to classes or to a class preset. (for example, assigning a more close-quarter combat appearance for the rifleman class while having a more "stealthy" looking appearance for the Sniper class). My second suggestion is more about gameplay, a change that would make push more interesting. I believe it would be an excellent idea if the commander of the defending team would be able to call a counter-attack on a nearly taken by the attackers point. The counter-attack would last around 2 minutes, if the attackers hold the point they keep it but if they lose it, they will have to try to retake it with whatever reinforcements they have left. Counter-attacks should work in a similar way as the ones on checkpoint, however, for balance I think it would be good if the defenders would get their reinforcements on a slightly slower rate then those of the attackers and also the commander should only be able to call for a counter-attack 2 with 3 times per match. Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestions! Keep up the amazing work!

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Nice suggestion about this counter attack, but i doubt they will add this, because we already have frontline in the CTE, which is push without a clear attacking/defending faction, so devs probably won't change a classic game mode in such a big way, but instead we have frontline.

Customized appearance is also a good suggestion, with maybe choosing a camo pattern for map styles (urban, desert, snow).

@kotkreskowy460 Oh didn't know about this new frontline mode. Maybe they could add the counter-attacks on frontline or in a new game mode if they ever make one.

Hey @WolfTheAshenOne,

Thanks for the suggestions! Yeah, the frontline mode is currently available on CTE. Feel free to try it out and give us your opinions.

I'll pass your ideas about the counter-attack and customized appearance on to the team!