Toxic premade ruining every game their in, spawn killing, and hacking/cheating

I find it pathetic that the developers are friends with these guys. Way to show professionalism, go post that on your Linkedin! Maybe we can even get a medium article going about it 🙂

Some of the people involved, that often queue together:
NWI Matt (76561198313819557) [not real nwi afaik]
Taffy (76561198012975444)
Jung A (76561198027693527)
B1 Battle Droid (previously banned on his old steam from sandstorm) (current: 76561198271783386)
TTV Cat Nipples (76561198857848164)

There are four or five others that are often with them.

Confirmed Cheaters:
TTV Cat Nipples - No recoil, possibly more.

Here are several clips proving he is cheating (ft. full auto FAL sprays with 0 recoil):

Game id: e12bc165-60be-4fb9-88a9-77310bfea0ed

Before any idiots try and say "he's just pulling down / compensating", there is ZERO ROLL RECOIL. This recoil is 100% random, and cannot be compensated for. You can only compensate LATERAL recoil. That's it. The game uses 3 different types of recoil, two being random / uncompensatable. To prove this to yourself, go ahead and grab a FAL in practice mode. There is a NON REMOVABLE SHAKE that happens every shot, regardless of mouse input, this is missing on 100% of his shots aka impossible without cheating. This guy will full auto FAL you from 200M away.

Also, what's hilarious is if you go to his stream, he does test shots ALL THE TIME against the wall to make sure his no-recoil is on.

These guys are ruining every game in they are in. They often will stomp and end the game at the first objective. It doesn't help that they have at least one cheater on their team.

In addition to this, they are also massive spawn killers, and will frequently abuse the mechanic where once the enemy has 0 waves, the spawn restriction is lifted and you can spawn kill (what they do is run into spawn/restricted area, wait until 0 waves, and then fire):

Game ID: e12bc165-60be-4fb9-88a9-77310bfea0ed

TTV/CatNipples is also in this game blatantly cheating once again.

I play these guys multiple times every day, they stomp every game, they spawn kill every game, and at least one of them cheats every game. Dev's won't ban any of them though, because one of them is friends with one 🙂


I've played with this guy before. I've watched his streams many a time before. I seriously have no idea what the absolute fuck you're talking about saying he has 0 recoil. Your only evidence is from replays? The system that doesn't even fucking work properly in this game? Even other, better games' replay systems suck at being totally accurate. So often do replays not actually show proper recoil/aim and such, it's ridiculous to use this as "evidence" of him cheating.

This is the equivalent of a fucking 144i shaky-cam ufo video. Show something from his fucking stream if you're trying to actually prove anything. The guy doesn't cheat and it's stupid to think so dude, especially based on this garbage of just complaining whenever someone's better than you, then getting validation to one of the worst replay systems in a game ever.

@concernedplayer your post has caught my attention, young lad. I will not deny, I am a toxic person. I have always had a temper and a very competitive side to me. But I am not cheating. The only game I have ever hacked in, is minecraft.
In regards to your concerns, I do want to address them. I will do so by first off saying, I am by no means "good" at this game. Having good recoil control is one thing, but this game requires a lot of critical thinking and quick decision making, and you have to know the games mechanics well for it to be in your favor.
For the actual accusation. It is very easy to control recoil. Especially with the Fal. Your could argue that is is an overpowered gun, but then again, every gun is a possibe 1 shot kill.
The reason I use the fal is because of the firerate vs recoil ratio. The game only account for single shot recoil; meaning, regardless of what the recoil stat is (1 to 100), guns with higher firerates will always feel like they have more recoil, with some exceptions of course.
Another reason that is may seem that I have no recoil, is how much time I have in the game. After spending over 800hrs, I no longer have to consciously think to control recoil, I just do it. Since I can do that, I am always subconsciously improving my recoil control by taking past events and constructively critiquing what I could have done differently.

If you would like, I can invite you to play with us. I can't guarantee that everyone who you mentioned will be in call, but it would at least give you insight into the eyes of the top players of the gamemode, Push, in Sandstorm.

Sincerely, CatNipples

@concernedplayer said in Toxic premade ruining every game their in, spawn killing, and hacking/cheating:

They often will stomp and end the game at the first objective.

True. Now...

What is your advice for those players? Should they stop playing to their level of their ability?

What do you expect from the developers? Should they reprogram the game to ensure that teams who communicate and work together are not allowed to prevail over gaggles of random players who use comms to shout hard-r racism and attempt to entertain the lobby with fart noises?

This post is deleted!


This is a friend of them disregard. Check his played with players 🙂

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This is a friend of them, disregard. Check his played with players 🙂

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No, you're full of shit. I can tell you're not the developer of your own cheat, because you're clueless as to how recoil works in this game.

There are three types of recoil, as well as the additional punch to each shot (the shake that you're missing). Here's what they're called pulled directly from the game itself:

struct FVector2D                                   RecoilLateralRange;
struct FVector2D                                   RecoilVerticalRange;
struct FVector2D                                   RecoilRollRange;
struct FVector2D                                   RecoilAimPunchRange;

These use a Vector2 range, example -2 to 2 for the maximum/minimum the recoil can be. This is modified by weight and stamina. The recoil that you can control is RecoilVertialRange, the other two (roll & lateral) are random and cannot be controlled. Vertical is technically random, but pulling down at a constant rate (like you would if you were controlling recoil) essentially invalidates this.

You are missing all three types of recoil as well as punch. You don't have punch on your shots (view clips above), and you also don't have the randomized lateral or roll recoil. These are legitimately impossible to compensate for (as you would have to guess to move left or right, as well as up left, up right, down left, down right, accurately 100% of the time).

Just to further prove he's cheating and for the developers to confirm this 100%, his Character->AItemFirearm->WeaponConfig which you can pull from replay mode is modified and is not the default. This is 100% only caused by cheating, there is no other way for this to be modified other than directly modifying it via memory writes. You'll have no idea what I'm talking about, the developers will. Stop lying and stop cheating.

As a developer who's worked on several UE4 games, you're not going to fool me with pretty paragraphs that you have your cronies come and support. I've also done contracted work for several studios you've heard of in regards to anti-cheat. Now, I can go ahead and do this analysis for all of your friends, but I'll save that for the developers to look into.

Also, regarding your last paragraph. I am well aware that you guys are good at the game, I've never discredited that. However, you use toxic mechanics (like spawn killing and 0 wave spawn killing), in addition to cheating (at least you do).

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This comment is funny for a few reasons. First of all, yes replays do not properly interpolate the player's mouse movement, which causes the recoil discrepancy you see in replays. However, you will always be able to see punch in replays, and he's missing this.

Regardless of this, each player is an Actor in UE4 games. Each Actor has a WeaponComponent, which has a WeaponConfig. You are able to read these values in the Replay system, and you are also able to tell that his are tampered with. You naive to think that you'd never get caught.

Also even more hilarious is you saying players use the "hard r" when you guys are literally typing the word in All chat and spamming intermissions with "funny" sound-bites (b1 battle droid).

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@concernedplayer said in Toxic premade ruining every game their in, spawn killing, and hacking/cheating:

This is a friend of them disregard. Check his played with players 🙂

Absolutely true, I am a friend of theirs.

If CatNipples is cheating, the solution already exists. You can report him here:

EAC Report A Cheat page

Don't forget to include the Game ID of the match in which you saw him cheating and I'm sure they'll have him banned in no time.

Apart from that, you seem to see us winning as a problem. What is your recommended course of action to correct the problem? Do you have any ideas?

@concernedplayer I guess Im just allowed to be good at the game. Sorry.

@CatNipples said in Toxic premade ruining every game their in, spawn killing, and hacking/cheating:

@concernedplayer I guess Im just allowed to be good at the game. Sorry.

You are, but you're not allowed to have no-recoil. Also, it doesn't really matter if you or your cronies come here to defend yourself, the proof is all there. You seem to be under the impression that it's hard to detect that you're modifying your recoil when that's simply not the case. They can even do it with the replay I linked 🙂

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Hello all,

@concernedplayer I'll pass the videos and information on to the team, so they can review them.
Meanwhile, I'm locking this topic and will be back here when I have more information from the devs.

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The team have checked the videos, and we don't think this player is cheating. Next time if you encounter other players that you think are cheating, you can directly report them here: