Let's talk about flashbangs

Hello, I recently went on an empty server with a guy who wanted to know how flashbangs exactly work because he kept getting killed by people that he flashed and that shouldn't be expected to be able to shoot back with any sort of precision or awareness.
To test this out we simply flashed each other and came to the conclusion that flashbangs dont reliably flash people hard enough for them to have any use in the game at all. Aside from the duration, which is a bit too low given the pace of the game (just my opinion though), the fact that you retain an amount of awareness allows you to have great chances to kill an attacker, even while fully flashed. Imagine yourself with an automatic weapon aiming at a door and getting flashed. You are able to make relatively good sense of your surroundings even when getting a flashbang right in front of your face. This is just one of many things that tip the scale in favor of the defender in this game, even when taking the necessary precautions. Here's a video showcasing this. As you can see I can still see him moving while I'm flashed.

Youtube Video

The conclusion: 8f3cc2cb-182f-449b-9e0d-e998b6b3ad62-image.png
I hope that flashbangs can see a substantial buff, not only to range and possibly duration (if you guys feel thats appropriate), but also making you unable to see anything at all. Might sound harsh, but that's the whole point of those things, and I truly think it would be balanced, given that only the Advisor and Breacher can use them. You thereby would even be adding to the class system, giving these classes an advantage when breaching rooms, which is literally supposed to be the point of one of them. Right now the breacher is just a dude with a bomb and SMGs. He actually can't breach anything better than other classes.

Anyhow, I hope you can give some consideration to this and have a good day.

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Hello @ham-cucumber,

Thank you for taking time to do a test and record it. I'll share your video with the devs.
Good day to you!

thanks for posting the vid bro (i was the guy talking in the video)

in the youtube video, it may hard to see when flashed, but i guarantee if you play the game you will have more awareness and can see more than what the video above shows you

now as far as flash bangs are, they just are not in a good position right now, its honestly a terrible option at the moment. explosives completely outclass flash bangs in every way

ive seen players clear rooms with RPGs, C4s and even a well cooked grenade can catch a bunch of players and kill them off

flash bangs on the other hand are terrible... there are too many variables to consider it a good option even at its best situation

even there is only one person in the room... aimed at the door, gets flashed, can still maintain a sense of direction and shoot at the slightest movement

now even at its best situation, is not safe what more if there was more than one enemy? or another room nearby with an opening nearby?.

just cook a grenade and catch the enemy off guard, heck even molotov cocktails have proven more useful due to its impressive AOE

my solution to the issue is to add a "dazed" mode. flashbangs not only put out a flash, but they also release a large amount of sound. IRL it disorients opponents even if they arent exposed to the flash (like hiding behind items)

sounds OP, but in the end of the day, there arent that many classes that carry the flash bang. nor do players want to risk themselves going into a room when you can just blew em up