Huh, I guess this marks the end of Hummer's.

From a commercial standpoint GMC has already stopped making the H2's and H3's. However, it seems the H1's are now going to be phased out as well. Apparently the US Military aren't happy with the Hummer, to small and to lightly armored. They are going to be replacing their line of Hummer's with another vehicle.

As this youtube guy said, to big and gas hoggy for the public, to small and weak for the military.

Seems like this is the final death nail for Hummer's.

Youtube Video


As long as they are in the game i dont care, coudnt care less what us military drives

I'm sure they'll still be in games. It's just from what I remember GM stopped selling Hummer's to the public some time ago. The military was all that was keeping Hummer alive, and now the military doesn't even want them.

Give it a few years and Hummer's are going to be collector items. lol

While real life won't be getting it, I think it would be interesting to see a speculative fictional Hummer H4 for either MudRunner or SnowRunner. 🙂

The only reason Scotty Kilmer made a vid about Hummer's being garbage is because another Youtuber Chrisfix made a vid on how he loves his new Hummer dream car that he bought. Chris uploads dream car vid AUG 24 2019, Scotty uploads garbage AUG 28 2019(lol read the Youtube comments), Scotty for whatever reason can't cope with Chris' existence on Youtube and takes cheap shots at him. The Military awards contracts to the lowest bidder(who can build the cheapest), so I'm not saying Humvee's were built or maintained well because I've heard what Humvee mechanic's think of them. It was the Military higher ups that sent those lives into IED riddled front lines with glorified aluminum bodied Jeeps. The fault lies with those who didn't outfit the Soldiers with proper equipment like mine resistant vehicles instead Soldiers were stuck into light weight personnel carriers that were never intended to perform high explosive resistant roles. The leftover Humvee's are being auctioned off to the civilian market where there's aftermarket support and companies that restore and improve the platform to a higher standard and performance than the Military would maintain. I was a Humvee Hummer fan from a young age so I'm biased despite all their shortcomings .

Yes, Hummer is a good looking car but not so good in this game and in real life as well. By the way I have owned a Hummer here in Finland but it was not good in offroad conditions in Lapland.

But anyhow it is nice to have it in this game. Why not.

The Hummer was designed in the 70s? Issued in the 80s. Before soldiers wore so much gear (mainly body armor) during operations. The seats in a HMMWV are tiny. There is very little room for a modern soldier with full kit. And the poor truck commander (TC) now has masses of communications equipment in his lap and face as well. If a modern armored HMMWV rolled onto the passenger side, you might as well say your prayers for whoever is in the front passenger (TC) seat.

Then we get to the crew protection problem. HMMWVs are aluminum. They provide basically zero protection. And in the urban warfare of middle east contingency operations, that was a no go. So we start strapping thicker and thicker armor onto them. Now the drivetrain is being overtaxed. Okay upgrade the drivetrain. But, the HMMWV, no matter how much armor you put on it, is still going to have a flat bottom and that is a fatal flaw against IEDs and mines. Oh and all the armor only makes it even harder to get in and out of for the Soldiers.

So yeah, the HMMWV is obselete.

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