Hey guys, I and others have had some issues with the game during the past months, and my CTE bug reports seem like a good place to group them. They are under "base game" .My bug megapost didn't turn out to be as mega as I had hoped, which is probably a good thing. I pulled a lot of stuff that has been posted already in full that I saw as well.

One suggestion for next CTE: Run some servers for a day or so, with the specific labeled intention to explore new maps and look for issues. It would make it a lot easier than yelling at the enemy team to not shoot me while I go for screenshots, and will produce some better bug reports. Local play can only do so much as well.


  • Server browser never shows servers unless direct searching for them or IP joining, with no applied filters. It appears as "0 servers found" on most occasions. This is likely the reason for poor community server turnout.

  • Helicopters are shooting unprovoked thru walls, solid objects, and are finding stationary people in cover near instantly. This is a change from recent months. RPG dodges seem to still be rather extreme.

  • Game now prevents the show desktop button from going to desktop on Win10, when in fullscreen mode. (in hidden taskbar mode)

  • When buying cosmetics, sometimes cheap purchases will spend all of my credits. Has happened in CTE and base game multiple times.

  • Spawns, and combat zones need significant rework and careful consideration on most all maps. Even if spawns do not allow direct fire into them, chokepoints near are still a problem. Think about where people travel when leaving spawn, and block vision to or zone restrict them. The problem is rampant; you don't get to level 800 by playing fairly.

  • AI rarely call in artillery and gas onto caps in Frenzy mode, instawiping entire teams.


  • Sheet metal carports on Hillside are able to be seen thru by helis.

  • Empty windows on Hillside are still considered physical glass objects. It applies to grenades, molotovs, and gun barrels.

  • Spawning without weapons of any kind is happening rarely on coop and versus. This is a big problem on frontlines and in hardcore. Possible base game problem.

  • New C4 attachment mechanic removes the ability of short throwing C4. This removes a lot of the C4 utility. (overwritten keybind in CTE?)

  • Hillside does not switch teams on frontline.

  • Uzi drum mag removed?

  • MGs can equip C4 and IEDs?

  • Foregrip bipod on the galil carbine, but not the full size galil?

Throwing C4 into the stairwell of C in Hillside frontline will kill anything on the top floor bedroom and stairs.

  • Sniper scopes below 4x removed, along with laser sight.?

If this is a balance change, it doesn't make sense to me. Every other rifle has 3.5x+ scopes for most classes, and the SVD is already much more limited being semi auto. Removing the bipod for the SVD or reducing fire rate I think would solve issues better than forcing scopes that are not needed for maps.
(the high mag. scopes make me motion sick so this is particularly upsetting)


  • Cap times in frontline are too fast to respond to, suggest a cap cooldown. It becomes a slog over one point rather than a tug of war 9 times out of 10. I don't hate the result, but it doesn't seem to be the intent of the mode.

  • Top floor of C cap on Hillside is far too open to Sec attackers when on defense. Suggest adding hard cover or at least concealment.

  • Heli cooldown far too short on frontline, suggest disabling or heavily limiting use for the mode. Insurgent callins in particular in the mode are limited in utility, due to very limited combat zones. Helis can effectively lock down half of the map and ignore combat zones, and Ins callins are limited to them.

  • Hillside spawn for the A cap on Sec push can be shot from the hill as soon as spawned. Fix the spawn problem from Sinjar rather than keeping it in for nostalgia, please.

Tell Jon Higgins sorry for the whole server bombarding him when he joined, I'm sure that gets old.