Curious what everyone's theories are on the green haired native woman. She's been in every trailer - with varying forms (to me, sometimes her face looks distorted or yellowed/crackling?) and she seems to have a deep connection with the wildlife (summoning one of the "moose ent" creatures and always seems to have two guardian reptile animals with her.).

From Siora's reaction in one of the videos, she appears to be a person of native religious importance. Given that she's the first character we see from the reveal trailer and she's been in nearly every trailer since, we don't know much about her. I think she may be the island manifested into a person or have some sort of divine-connection? One interesting thing... She doesn't appear to age. We see the "Hunter" in a later trailer looking quite rough (like more than 15 years older....), but she looks exactly the same.

I don't think the developers have said much about her at all. What are your theories on her?