When talking about the Galil; it becomes apparent that the rushed inclusion of the Galil is merely a band aid on the issues with the Gunner class as a whole. While the new rifle/LMG guns will certainly help, the actual problem remains solved.

I would like to summarize the issues with the gunner class and offer suggestions.

The ability of the gunner to lay down large amounts of fire downrange is quite substantially hampered by the fast that they are practically sitting ducks to return fire. The problem here is that it is all too easy, when under suppression, to return fire and kill the gunner.

The solution to this, IMO, is to have harsher penalties for being suppressed. such as the blurring of all objects beyond a particular distance when under the effects of suppression. This would allow players to still be able to blind fire and not be overwhelmed at close range, while at the same time neutralizing their ability to defeat the whole point of suppression by firing back accurately and killing the Gunner.

If playing the gunner in PvP is hard, it's a downright penance in co-op. When attacking, the Gunner finds themselves unable to keep up with rushing players, and when on the defense their suppressive fire is nigh on useless against bots, who just return fire like the suppressive fire doesn't even exist.

Trying to lay down suppressive fire just seems to paint the Gunner as a target for bots, who, undeterred by any amount of incoming fire, seem to be capable of sniping the Gunner at extreme ranges.

The solution to this IMO is to alter bot behaviour so that it responds better to suppression and isn't as accurate at long ranges. Bots, when under suppression, should attempt to retreat or get to cover rather than try to return fire. Any return fire should also be very inaccurate, so that the Gunner doesn't just end up sniped within seconds.

Suppression should cause bots become easier targets for other players. When suppressed, bots should prioritize retreating or getting into cover. They should then either mount a counterattack with greater numbers or attempt to flank around the beaten zone.