Forum bug: Access Denied?

ok so it seems there has been an update to the forum. however it seems a bit broken. i have not checked everything out, just what i have noticed this morning.

Catergories Tab in the top left. the search function does not work there, says i do not have access to that page.

sidenote: the member list page is no longer in the Catergories list, while it might not have been used a lot, it sure was helpful and nice to have.

same thing happens when i clicked on a moderators name to let them know about the Catergories tab. not good if we can not access the profile page of members and moderators. says i do not have access to that page.

would like for other forum member to post up what "broke" or "changed" that needs looked into that is found as well.

also with this "new" layout, it seems there are some things missing. like where is the Forum suggestions?

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...haven't notice any changes lately (android)

Access denied to chat messages for me, and any member profile.

Same issue. Also can't open the chat.