Bust fire and recoil! ( suggestion)

I think the game really need some improvements in this feature!

Its possible to get used to recoil and use full auto correctly, so is to single fire (or tap fire) even with rifle set to full auto.

Burst fire is the problem. If I try to use short bursts, at the end of every burst the rifle shake too much. This is so different from all other modes and from all other games that is doesn't feels correctly.

I think bust fire should be more manageable.

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@Shadoware What weapon are you trying to use Burst-fire with? I don't seem to have this problem.

@MarksmanMax I now that when using M16s, burst fire always puts a lot of initial recoil. More than that of the full-auto mode. Using semi-auto/full-auto is just a better choice.

I think the problem exists for all weapons that have a burst-fire mode. I also think bursts in Sandstorm are broken, hence why I never actually use them. I'd rather use full-auto shooting 2-4 rounds at a time than the specific burst-fire mode, since it's easier to control.

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I use many different weapons, like G36, VHS, AKM, etc

The situation is that burst fire should be easier than full auto I think, but its not. What really happens is that if you shoot more than a single shot, when you release the trigger, the weapon rebounds!
That final rebound seems too strong. If you use full auto you dont need to deal with this rebound until you finish your shooting. That rebound make to difficult to use many bursts.

SUGGESTION: The rebound when trigger is released should be as bigger as the longer you keep the weapon firing, so if you use full auto for a long time when you stop shooting the weapon would rebound more and if you use short burts the rebound would be smaller and softer.

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Just manually burst and you don't have a problem