Visual Glitch: Seeing player silhouettes through smoke

I can often see other players in smoke when I absolutely shouldn't be able to.

Here is an example of what it looks like:

Yes. In addition, if there is a fire in front of them, they will be drawn through the smoke with their texture being replacing by the fire texture. Makes them incredibly easy to see. It's because the developers have no idea how to properly do depth in dx11 and have been following tutorials written by kids. I could fix this is less than ten minutes.

If you attach a dx11 logger (by running the game without EAC), you'll see the developers are literally clueless. They draw almost everything on the same stride (Stride 12), using incorrect depth functions (4 & 8 for comparisons I think those correspond to Less than & Always). I haven't seen many games do dumb shit like this. With their current implementation, there is NO WAY to separately differentiate player models from other models drawn properly. Their current implementation BARELY works, which is why you see shit like this happening in smoke, and why you see fire textures/models being drawn IN FRONT OF players (i.e. they once again fucked up depth).

If you're drawing textures, lighting, post fx, etc and player models on the same stride (which they are) you should NOT be working on this game. If one of the devs wants to PM me, I'll teach them how to properly use depth functions at a rate of $100/hr.

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Hello @Sketchy and @cxmplex,

Thanks for pointing this out! It'll be passed on to the team!