Bot "holograms" stuck in running pose

While playing on a community server (build 4060136), I had a client-side issue where many bots appeared to be stuck in a running state. I could not interact with or shoot them, and my character clipped right through them. Other players could not see them. Some of these bots' legs were visibly distorted.

Actual "live" bots were seen animating/interacting properly, and I could shoot them just fine.

Images here

Based on the blood/weapons on the ground, these bots should be dead. That points to a potential issue with however the bots are transitioned to ragdolls.

you get this normally when the server has crashes and it is waiting to show connection error message, seen this a few times on the cte hillside map

@k0872 the server was fine and we finished the map normally.

Hey @JoeK5142,

Thanks for pointing this out. Sorry I don't have an answer about your previous questions, but I'll pass this one on to the team and ask for more info.

@chaton reproduced this tonight, specifically when alt+tabbing out of the fullscreen game and back in.