stop complaining insurgency sandstorm is badly optimized and fix or upgrade your pc

I can run this game perfectly in 120 fps. I have a high end pc, but you should not need a high end pc to run this game well. If you have a mid end pc and this game runs badly for you, then there is something wrong your pc. If you have a low end pc, then yes it will run badly.

Hardware specs are not the only factor. There are people who truly cannot run the game. This can and does happen regardless of whether they have good hardware or not. I have a friend whose PC is one that you'd expect to find in a bargain bin and he can run the game, albeit on low settings. I have another friend who has a decent PC and cannot run the game.

Plus, most people don't have the disposable income to upgrade their PC at will. If they did and it was that important to them, they already would have.

Absolutely true man but 1 thing that needs to be addressed is the netcode I think there r times when your playing all is well then there’s the odd time when game seems to have a latency issue that people misinterpret as game runs bad