Galil Feedback and Issues

The introduction of the Galil to the game at the moment is problematic. While the Galil ARM fills in an important niche and alleviates some of the problems with the Gunner class the SAR model just feel out of place and very much like it has been shoehorned into the role just because the other model is present in the game.

The Good

The basic Galil, representing the ARM model, is a great addition to the gunner class and alleviates much of the issues that are otherwise felt while playing the class. It manages to be a gun that retains controllability while at the same time being capable of laying down sustained suppressive fire. While it may need a few tweaks, it is overall a great addition to the class and represent a breath of fresh air for a class that's often passed over due to the recoil on its guns.

The Bad

The Galil SAR just plain doesn't work as a MG or even a MG hybrid. It's a carbine version of the Galil that has about as much business being a gunner weapon as the MP5 or the G36k. The gun in effect feels out of place and pretty much like it has been forced into a role that it was never meant to fulfill; something that's not surprising considering that it's a carbine version of the Galil meant that is, to the best of my knowledge, never been used in the capacity of a MG or any other Gunner like role anywhere in the world.


The solution, in my opinion, is to remove the SAR from the Gunner class and move it to the common pool (Rifleman, Commander, Observer and Demolitions) or to the Advisor.

The Galil ARM, which is the actual LMG here; should be given to both Insurgents and Security. Perhaps it could later be replaced for Insurgents by another gun like the RPK if and when it becomes available. The SAR (being a carbine) has no business being used by gunners, while the ARM is built for this very role.

The Galil SAR could instead fill in a valuable niche for security as an AKM analogue (especially since the Insurgents have gotten a M4 analogue in the QBZ 03). What would perhaps need to be changed would be the caliber, where instead of getting the 5.56mm NATO, the gun would be chambered for the 7.62mm NATO rounds and fit a 25 round magazine instead of the 35 round mag found on the 5.56mm variant.

Hey @cool_lad,

Thanks for the feedback. I'll pass it on to the team, so they can have a look!

@chaton Would you kindly pass on to the team the concern about the miscategorization of the Galil SAR (also called the G'lilon) as a LMG type weapon for the Security team. It seems a rather glaring mistake for a game that is meant to have realistic treatment of weapons.

The SAR is a carbine and not capable (to the best of my knowledge) of being used as a MG like the ARM version (which Insurgents get). It is not simply a different iteration of the same gun like the M16A4/M16A2 but rather a different gun altogether, more akin to the G36K than any MG. Furthermore, it does not come with any sort of bipods as are going to be added to it.

The inclusion of the SAR into the gunner class as a LMG seems forced and unrealistic; it treats the gun as something it is not, and seems like a poor inclusion that feels forced through as variety for variety's sake, with a seeming complete disregard for the actual weapon itself.

I think that it would be best to simply give both teams the basic Galil (the ARM) rather than destroying the identity of the SAR (which is an almost completely different weapon) by turning it into a near copy of the ARM, for the sake of variety.