Do you think he is pro or anti native and do you think we have any influence over him.

I think he's neutral and weak. Player (and some other) can influence him to become support or anti native as they wish.

I also expect that. But I add that i also expect we will have to guard him from being influenced by people with evil intent.

IIRC one of the reasons the PC is sent to the Island is to help their cousin, and given that the first thing you have to do for him is bust him out of jail I don't think Constantine is doing well with his governorship.

I think the PC will become the unofficial leader of the Merchant Guild but whether Constantine turns against us or not remains to be seen.

@Fortune86 I think player may even can become governor him/herself.

I want to take him out if he will hinder me.

@Ben-Kenobi said in Constantin:

@Fortune86 I think player may even can become governor him/herself.

I think the PC may become Governor if you get the golden ending. It'd make sense as they are the ones who did all the hard work and won the support of everyone.

This video give more evidence to believe that Constantin is not strong character (end scene)

Yeah by the looks of it the PC has a history of pulling Constantine out of trouble.

I wonder how long it has been since they have seen each other?