[Suggestion] Anti runners

It is very unfortunate, to be trying to play tactically on a server in a cooperative mode, and for some players to enter, that the only thing they are looking for is to kill and destroy quickly.

I propose to offer the option to the administrators of the servers, to define a time between objective and objective, to avoid those corridors.

During that time, waves of attacks would occur until consumed.

This could be done by restricting the capture area, in a larger radius, perhaps up to half the space between the targets, and that radius would be progressively reduced, as the indicated time decreases.

If other people are clearing the level faster than you without dying, you're not playing "tactically" - you're playing slower than you need to.

@cyoce said in [Suggestion] Anti runners:

If other people are clearing the level faster than you without dying...

I mean, that's exactly what he's talking about. Now, some people just play the game slower than they should, but I'd wager that the OP is talking about people just rushing every objective. They aren't clearing the level; half the time, if you rush an objective, there won't be any enemies on the point yet.

@cyoce That is the problem, they do not clean the map, they just run to the next target, leaving enemies behind.

@MarksmanMax You have understood correctly, but it is not only that there are no enemies in the next objective, it is that they do not clean the area and leave enemies behind

This is bit technical, but I have this algorithm running on my servers and are doing very well at either discouraging runners, OR making co-existence between team-tactical and fast-arcade-style players tolerable:


Also I'm noticing lots of community servers popping up with title description containing words like "tactical", "slow", "team" -- I recommend you give any of those a try!

Upcoming ver 1.4 with the modifier mutator feature should help, too. I would assume speed-players would be discouraged to join servers that are tagged "slow capture" in browser, for example.

The game truly shines when you have a very friendly and coordinated team that uses voice, each assuming own functional roles and moves methodically as a unit!

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@JS-Schroeder I like the idea of this plugin.
As you indicate, the main problem lies in the objectives to be destroyed.
Perhaps a solution would be that these targets could only be destroyed by burying explosives, not with the C4 / IED / rockets / fragmentation grenades or incendiary devices.
Except if there is only one player left alive, which could be very complicated, protect and place the explosive.