fix ministry footsteps

dear Devs,

I've noticed that on ministry when you are in the Garage you can hear the footsteps from above the Garage like they're next to you.
please try to fix this issue with maybe muffling the sound of the footsteps above (I dont know how well that is doable in UE4 but I'm sure you'll find a way 🙂 )

I hope to see a reply soon 🙂

thx for this amazing game and I'm looking forward to see it getting better and better!
keep up the great work! 🙂

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Hey @FloppyCDdrive,

Thanks for your kind words! I'll forward this issue to the devs, so they can look into it.

also what is even more disturbing on that spot is that the bots voicelines are having the same Issue as the footsteps

keep up the great work guys 👍

@FloppyCDdrive Noted! Will pass the further information on to the team! Thanks!