Your plans for dealing with the Theleme?

I'm curious to see how dark this game will goes as to how we can handle faction relations and impact the world.

I think the Theleme are definitely one of the less popular and more divisive ones (at least with some user polls I've seen floating around...) - I'm not a supporter of religion and definitely dislike the negative impacts it has had on human societies throughout history (also recognizing that it has had some positive impacts... art, music, etc). I'm curious if we'll be able to declare war or wipe out other factions... I assume it's possible?

What are your plans for dealing with the Theleme, given the little we know? I'm definitely not going to be kind to any "inquisitors" type characters I meet.

In real life i agree with you. I personally consider religion a mind sikness.
In the game you can play as you want and the crazy inquisitor seems really fun.
In general i tend to favor the most magic oriented factions and in greedfall this mean teleme and natives. I hope to find a way to make them coexist... still the crazy guy that ask the native to renounce their faith is kind of cute in his own way😈

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Oh, I plan to be true believer in Church of Light (like in real life but not Christian).

I belive in God of Light but I am sure our god is not the one who give inquisitor a right to convert Native by forcre.

I will support missionary and contact with the governor. If he/she support aggressive, I will find a way to change his/her mind.

Anyone who want to corrupt church of Light like inquisitor will face my magic!!!

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I plan on wiping out the Inquisitors once they start burning natives alive.