Hi, seems like this is a "known issue" and it's honestly my first time playing. Love the game and can't wait for the 2nd installment but I have to admit I will definitely forget my preorder if this issue isn't solved before the games release. Which is unfortunate, since the surge 2 looks beast. I want to remind you that Defiance and Destiny were also great games before the devs let them die. I know your super busy and it is likely a headache in a half but i am gonna continue to have people ask when you are facing this. Your fan base/executioners, consumers/game testers, and promotors/boycotters just want a time table that takes place prior to the launch of "The Surge 2". You have likely been working really hard with a dedicated team that are likely feeling the pressure of the jobs at risk. I understand all the apologies you guys must have to write that takes up so much time but the sooner it's fixed the sooner you get back into groove. Hoping to hear back to you before the surge 2 comes out or a bunch of enraged hackers like lizard squad wipes the surge 2 off the map or holds it hostage. All the compassion that can be mustered...yours truly.