New Players abusing Votekick system

It seems that Alot of the new, and even some older players are Abusing the Votekick system if they don't like that someone is splitting their team up in leaderboard in that one match, then they votekick for being idle/afk by getting two of their buddies to start votes'. This has always been a problem in Insurgency, but I think it's getting more abused by New and old players, I am a veteran that has been with the old game since the Quake 2 engine derived Insurgency, and the Source engine Insurgency. These new blood is important for the game, but some of them are ruining the experience for people who have been apart of the community for a long time.

Seconded. Just played my first game, joined the easy mode against AI to start off, said hello in chat and within 10 seconds there was a vote to kick me and the majority of the team just voted yes.

This is the life. Just accept it. If you dont like some one in real life, they kick you in stomach, here just kick from the game.

Haven't seen old/vet players abusing it. Sure if someone is AFK at the end of the round (mid-round most times no one cares and he gets automatically kicked after time) or is teamkilling actively or constantly passively, I´d also start a votekick.

But what I see when there are many new players around (steam sale time) that they just can get over the fact that doing the same mistake over and over again keeps getting them killed. (sure insurgency is harsh and punishes you for your mistakes and you have to figure out what you did wrong by yourself and sometimes it's not that obvious... so you have to use some brain. This can be a problem for some players coming from games where they get treated differently... but tbh that's what makes insurgency great)
So instead of trying to figure out what they did wrong and how to get better they just go in the chat and encourage your team for votekicking you because you have to be cheating killing these headless chickens doing the same thing over and over again.
And if there are enough new players in your team and they are like: 25-0 KD there's no way someone can do that. Or if next round the teams get mixed, they instantly start a votekick and your gone. (I hate it when you just want to play some push and you get kicked out of 3 matches before you can finish one game....)

But tbh this doesn't happen very often, in fact, it's so rare and so its a problem and that cannot be fixed (easily)