Anything in the pipeline

What's going on? When can we expect a patch?

The lack of answer is an answer itself

Deja Vu

I'm hearing the Nurgle's disgusting laugh in the background.

Dev silence?????



BFGA 3 to be announced next month

question is: what could BFGA 3 bring that BFGA2 doesn't? Why should they develop a whole new game instead of adding a new imperial campaign to this one?

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BFGA 3 will bring more sales than just a new campaign to BFGA 2

@Aram_theHead like the other guy said more sales.

But I agree. There is nothing more they can deliver us really. Making a BFGA 3 would be pretty stupid cause they got the ground work here. DLC is the name of the game and they should have made good enough sales to flesh things out.

BFGA 3 can bring ship customization to BFGA 2, eventually the ship levelling of BFGA to BFGA 2 campaigns or SP. Enough to develop a new game and get sales. As for BFGA, they can t implement these changes to gam so theywill make a new one

Yeah having both the old ship customization and the new battles would be really nice. I didn't think about that. 🙂 Customizing Titans would be nice too. A real grand campaign where you can play as any faction and simply conquer everything would be good.

@Beernchips you can do that with 2 as well. We already have it in a moderate capacity in BFGA 2. But ATM devs have still not addressed the useless perks

@CANNED_F3TUS they could also fix BFGA to remove the destroyed ships i MP and to change the missions into a VP system (like we have in BFGA2). We tested a VP system which was never implemented. According to past experience, they will prefer create a new game than change the core mechanics so y BFGA3 coming indeed 🙂

@Beernchips BFGA 1 fleet costumisation would need a rework though cause ability spam probably wasn't most peeps cup of tea. Perhaps make it so only your flag ship gets 2 abilities.

It's supposed to be a naval game. Not about who has more abilities than the other.

If the devs can't do that is rather them stay with bfga 2s formula which is better in most aspects

@CANNED_F3TUS At least the upgrades should return, even if the skills are toned down.

New battlemodes would be nice. Currently, there are only two.

New battlemodes may be attacker vs. defender, king of the hill or Factions wars. All these game modes with more than 2 players and each player controlling only 1to 3 ships max. It would need quite a rehaul for the matching and probably of the vs-modes but it would make for some awesome battles with low level skills.