Closed Beta

Hi all 🙂

Any news for the closed beta? I´ve signed up a few days ago, beta should start on 08/15/, but i haven´t heard anything.Does anybody got an invitation or instructions?

Greetings from Bremen,

Its delayed a few days, they'll post something as to the new date when they know most likely.

Good to know. I'm holding my fingers crossed till breaking point since I signed up 🙂

I once helped with a small indie rogue like game in 2017, bug testing and I made the German translation for it (it wasn't dialogue heavy, only some tutorial boxes with a few paragraphs and maybe 100-150 words for item and enemy names etc. so I knew I can manage to do that in time). I was surprised how much time it can take but it's really fun when you see that be turned into improving a final product.

Crossing fingers too 🤞🏼
I've read on twitter that beginning next weak there'll be some news

According to the official Steam forum announcement yesterday, "The form has now closed. If you are selected, you’ll receive an email in a few days.".

Good luck everybody!

Good luck to all and have fun if you are selected !

Good luck everybody, see u in Jericho 🙂

Good game, unfortunately I didn't get anything while I registered in the first ones, we'll meet again in September !

I got selected but couldn't start playing yet as I have no access to the restricted forum post with the info needed to be able to launch the game. Now I'm just testing my forum account while I wait for support to get back to me.

Good luck to everybody who are already playing, have lots of fun chopping limbs! 😃

Me too. I'm selected but the link in the mail don't work....