How about these little monsters
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Yawn. The workshop is full of little mods like that.

Especially that 2nd one is kinda one trick pony: good for swamps, disaster for anything else...

@Unster I wouldn't know I'm on console😭

@Jayson said in How about these little monsters:

@Unster I wouldn't know I'm on console😭


I wish Mudrunner done a Fallout 4 and had console mods.

Well I don't know if this will make you console guys feel any better, but even though I have access to mods like these as a PC user I don't use them. I prefer real trucks that can actually haul stuff. As for scouts, I'm OK with some offroad tires like those on the first pic, but the 2nd one is just silly. Leave that for the monster truck shows.

@Unster thats exactly what I want. Some realistic capable vehicles that you can daily drive nothin crazy. But hopefully we can put a lift and some bigger tires on the obs Chevy stepside in MR2.