Ion have a Good pc setup or nun of dat shit and it be rlly bad cuz one of my favorite games has me waiting for it console I get the team has a small team or whatever but 2 years ago I never thought console release would be so late

They still have a target for a 2019 release but no set date as of now. Hopefully they will be able to nail down a specific date sometime soon as there are a lot of folks on console who would appreciate this game. I know my friends and I would.

Lol... Never mind.
Cod mw will blow all competition off this planet.

They can fudge off with the console version. Could not care less.

Just dropped by to say byeee

The potatoes can't even update issues that were reported nearly a year ago...they're not anywhere close to a console release, and at the rate and quality they're moving and working at they'll get shut out anyway.

10 months to put snow on already developed assets and turning maps dark, ffs...