bad performance

the games stutters and the gpu usage very low and cpu usage is all over the place i have upgraded from a gtx 1050 2gb to a rx 570 8gb and i have not seen a big performance impact i hope the performance is better
my specs are
cpu i5 7500 3.4ghz
gpu rx 570 8gb
ram 1x8 8gb 2400mhz
hard drive 320gb 7200rpm drive

Hey @supersneaky9
I am really sorry about this. Does it affect the whole game or are you taking about a peculiar map?
Have a great one.

@supersneaky9 said in bad performance:

cpu i5 7500 3.4ghz

This is the reason you're having bad performance. You're already saying it: GPU usage low, CPU usage all over the place. Your CPU isn't fast enough to feed your GPU properly in this game.

Unfortunately, your upgrade options are somewhat limited. You could upgrade to an i7-6700k which is the least expensive option to a 4 cores / 8 threads CPU for your socket, but compared to currently available CPU's it is actually very expensive, but still a proper CPU in games. You might also have to upgrade your cooling solution though, depending on what you have currently.

But before you upgrade or buy an entirely new system, try some tweaks. Maybe those will help. (tips not just for higher end systems)