Proximity Based Audible Reloads - Bug, or yet-to-be implemented feature?

A couple weeks ago, I wrote up the suggestion for audible reloads when in proximity to other players. Have a read here:

At the time, I thought I understood that audible reloads had never been a feature in sandstorm. I was surprised to find a comment beneath my post by the NWI dev and sound designer Fortran, explaining that the lack of audible reloads was actually a bug, and not intended by design. Read for yourself here:

I have spoken to one other dev via the official insurgency sandstorm discord server, "Some Gun Nut", who, as far as he was aware, believed the lack of audible reloads was simply by design, and not a feature supported by the game.

So you can probably understand my confusion.

Proximity based audible reloads - bug, or yet-to-be implemented feature? Which is it?

(before anyone drops a comment saying reloads are currently audible in proximity to enemies / team mates, I suggest you test it yourself thoroughly, as I have with a number of friends.)

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Confirming to what Mark (Fortran, coincidentally he's our Sound Designer) said, it is in fact a bug.
Directly asking a dev about a system he/she does not actively work on may produce incomplete/wrong responses as not all developers have all the info.