Looking at other players causing major fps drops

I have bought the game not long ago, and I tried different settings, and I noticed that the game runs on 80 fps on the highest settings on my 1050ti, however, when there are teammates or enemies in sight, I automatically get much lower fps.

When I spawn for instance I get about 35 fps, when there are 2/3 players on my screen I get about 50, and overall every time I shoot someone the fps goes down since I am looking at him.
I really don't mind seeing all the details on other players, and I would very much prefer not getting fps drops.

Does anybody know if there's a setting that I can lower, that might help, and if not, may I request making one in the future? Because right now I am playing on the lowest, and get about 110fps, so that when I spawn and stuff the fps drops to 80 and it's playable.

Thanks in advance 🙂

Hello @argaman123
Thank you for pointing out this issue. Does it only affect you when enemies are approaching or when your teamates are close or did you notice a pattern linked to your location in-game?

I see this as well. (1060M) It's a hefty drop, probably -10/-20 fps at least.

It effects me whenever an enemy player comes into view. own teammates not so much.